May 2022 Startup Funding Rounds

This is a report of all the U.S. companies that raised Venture Capital, Private Equity and Debt Capital money in May 2022. As of this writing we've found that 49 tech companies raised nearly $2.9 billion from financiers last month. This includes mostly startups and one public company -- WeWork.

You can read the full blog post here: Or parse the raw data here:



Nov '22


Bay Area tech companies hiring Software Engineers now


We've totally revamped our job search functionality on Employbl. As a celebration of that I wanted to put a post together showcasing all of the cool companies in the Bay Area that are hiring for Software Engineers. This doesn't even showcase all of the remote jobs that are available. Indeed some of these roles may be remote or partial remote work. I narrowed down the list quite a bit to fit into a blog post but should be a quick intro for anyone looking for a Software Engineering opportunity based in the SF Bay Area.

Full post: IT Companies in the Bay Area hiring now

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